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Presentation replays available!

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In line with the regulations of ICRA 2021, we keep all the presentation replays for half a year’s time until Dec 14th, 2021. After that, the following replay...

Join us by Zoom!

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On June 4th, we will organize the workshop from 09:00am to 05:00pm in time zone: GMT +8.


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Mehdi Benallegue

The three laws of robotics subjected to unexpected external forces: estimation, rejection, and performance

Aude Billard

Machine learning and dynamical systems for adaptive manipulation in humanoid robots

Alessandro Saccon

Reference Spreading Control and Sensitivity Analysis About Robot Trajectories with Simultaneous Impacts

Patrick Wensing

It All Matters: Considerations Across Design and Control for Contact-Savvy Robots

Jia Yan-Bin

Targeted Batting of In-flight Objects by a Robotic Arm

Ren Zeyu

Design of an Efficient 3-DoF Leg with Series-Parallel and Biarticular Compliant Actuation


High dynamic balancing

Despite the standing stability criterion for robots with co-planar contacts has been established for decades, i.e., restricting the ZMP within the support po...

Impact/Collision Detection

Impact instantaneously changes the states of a robot. Earlier studies shows that it is able to generate considerably high contact force jump within a few mil...

Floating-base state estimation

With the advent of more and more dynamic motions with increasing autonomy, humanoid state estimation is becoming more and more a key factor, and sometimes a ...

Frictional Impact Dynamics Model

To enable impact-awareness in the model-based motion generation paradigms of under-actuated robots, we need the frictional impact dynamics model to preview t...

High dynamic motion generation

In addition to the human-like kinematic structure, humanoids are expected to execute human-level of swift motions. However referring to the failing manipulat...