Impact/Collision Detection

High dynamic motion leads to impact that can instantaneously change the states of a robot. Earlier studies shows that it is able to generate considerably high contact force jump within a few milliseconds Pashah et al. [1]. Thus timely impact/collision detection is vital to trigger the controller actions to take care of the post-impact state, see the analysis by our invited speaker Saccon et al. [2].

The workshop presentations by Patrick Wensing, and Alessandro Saccon contribute to answer this question. The reliable impact detection leads to the impact-aware realtime re-planning by Patrick; and the novel hybrid control approach by Alessandro.

[1] S Pashah, M Massenzio, and E Jacquelin. Prediction of structural response for low velocity impact. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 35(2):119–132, 2008.

[2] Saccon A, van de Wouw N, Nijmeijer H. Sensitivity analysis of hybrid systems with state jumps with application to trajectory tracking. In53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2014 Dec 15 (pp. 3065-3070). IEEE.