Speaker Organization Title
Session One:    
Patrick Wensing University of Notre Dame It All Matters: Considerations Across Design and Control for Contact-Savvy Robots
JIA Yan-Bin Iowa State University Targeted Batting of In-flight Objects by a Robotic Arm
Session Two:    
Speaker Organization Title
Dragomir Nenchev
(Yoshikazu Kanamiya)
Kaishi Professional University Emergent Humanoid Robot Motion Synergies
Derived from the Momentum Equilibrium Principle and the Distribution of Momentum
Mehdi Benallegue AIST, Tsukuba Japan The three laws of robotics subjected to unexpected external forces:
estimation, rejection, and performance
Ruoyu Xu AIRs, CUHK, Shenzhen Teaser Session: A Predictive Control Framework for Manipulator on a Disturbed Sea-Born Platform Paper
Session Three:    
Speaker Organization Title
REN Zeyu Rokae R&D Center Design of an Efficient 3-DoF Leg with Series-Parallel and Biarticular Compliant Actuation
Richard Hartisch Fraunhofer IPK Teaser Session: Co-design of Environmental Compliance for High-speed Contact Tasks Paper
Yuquan WANG CNRS-UM, LIRMM Impact-Aware Task-Space Quadratic Programming Control
Alessandro Saccon Eindhoven University of Technology Reference Spreading Control and Sensitivity Analysis
About Robot Trajectories with Simultaneous Impacts
Niels Dehio CNRS-UM, LIRMM Teaser Session: Intentionally Impacting Deformable Material Paper
Session Four:    
Speaker Organization Title
Aude Billard EPFL Machine learning and dynamical systems for adaptive manipulation in humanoid robots
Roy Featherstone Italian Institute of Technology High Performance Balancing on a Narrow Support
Abderrahmane Kheddar CNRS-UM, LIRMM Summary, Remarks, and Discussions