Frictional Impact Dynamics Model

To enable impact-awareness in the model-based motion generation paradigms of under-actuated robots, we need the frictional impact dynamics model to preview the impact-induced state jumps either for planning or control, see the recent example by the organizer Wang et al. [1], the impulsive manipulation example presented by our invited speaker Jia et al. [2].

The workshop presentation by Jia Yan-bin will bring us the latest 3D impact dynamics model and its application for impulsive manipulation.

[1] Yuquan Wang, Dehio Niels, Arnaud Tanguy, and Abderrahmane Kheddar. Impact-aware task-space quadratic-programming control. 2020. URL

[2] Yan-Bin Jia, Matthew Gardner, and Xiaoqian Mu. Batting an in-flight object to the target. The International Journal of Robotics Research, 38(4):451–485, 2019.